Summit view at Mt Washington NH

Prints for sale $40.00 for 18 x 20. Other sizes available.

A Reluctant Florescent

My daughter noticed that her brother had posted a photo on his social media of a florescent style painting he was wishing to someday get for his apartment. Nessa, short for Vanessa, came to me and told me of her epiphany. Five days until Christmas mind you, she calls me and says you and I are going to paint something florescent for Connor, and by the way I will paint one for each her two sons. Three painting consisting of three panels each and at my house! Oh, I was not in the mood for this. I’ve never worked with this medium, and I wasn’t planning on a big project like this to finish in a couple of days. Yet, how could I say no. Nessa was so excited and she paints fast so I figured at least she would get some done for my grandsons. She grabbed all the supplies and showed up the other day.

Well, it was rough. The paint is translucent and not easy to work with. I haven’t seen Nessa since the first day. She says she will be here tonight, the eve of Christmas eve. It’s now 6:30. I don’t know if she will get here, but in the last 48 hours I had two fails before I finally finished today. I based the woman on Angelina Jolie. Anyway, here is the painting that he will get Christmas morning. I hope he likes it. The photo is not lit by blacklight so it will look much brighter when properly lit up.

Pretty Kitty Pose

                            Watercolor Painting 2018

Fun Little Christmas Project

A woman asked me to paint her cat’s face on an ornament she purchased. Here is the result.

above is after below is before



Three of a Kind

Acrylicdog portrait (1)

Sleepy Shepherd


Two Best Friends

Acryliccurly 2

Sweet Old Pup


In Memoriam