Updated: Full Mural On Display Mural Speaks to Suicide

Displayed in City Hall, Dover, NH

A close family member attempted suicide last July. While in the hospital sitting by his bedside feeling flooded with so many powerful emotions, I had a vision of an artwork I wanted to create. Not only process my own emotions, but to illustrate suicide in a way that would pull people in to maybe create a dialog about suicide. Maybe even open a door for more people to relate and engage with friends, family and community to bring awareness to the emotional suffering of those around us. The 6f by 8ft mural is in 2 pieces to later be joined at the site of the display. I created a scene using simple colorful silhouettes. Some of the silhouettes have a piece missing, which represents that person lost too soon, who had felt so hopeless they gave up on living all together. That person left behind bears the scar of their loved one torn from their lives leaving a void where one once occupied that space in their being. I’m hoping through the display to reach out in support to even one person and then maybe that one person will reach out to another and so it grows.